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M L Y  Gallery - Art For CHANGE  is currently closed and online only- MLY was operating as a  nature inspired, eco-conscious art and design gallery in the exclusive Malibu Lumber Yard Center for over 2 1/2 years-
It is dedicated to nature, diversified art mediums and the environment, facilitating change by raising awareness through the power of the ARTS.
MLY Gallery shares this passion with celebrated and emerging artists, architects & visionaries who use their work as a tool to inspire earth's conservation and sustainable living.  MLY Gallery is proud to represent celebrated and mid career  Malibu & Los Angeles based artists,  supporting earth charities and non- profit art organizations.

Please look around the website, videos, slideshows of past exhibits, Exhibition Gallery & Events-  There is much more to come in 2014.
Artists   Documentary Films  are produced in-house by MLY Gallery. All rights Reserved.
Please contact the Gallery for further information about gallery artist services & productions. 

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U N D E R S T A N D I N G 

A   L I F E   W O R K

Please join us for a retrospective 
exhibition of  built and unbuilt Projects by
 Eric Lloyd Wright 

Book Signing:

Text by Alan Hess. Photographs by Alan Weintraub. Designed by Zand Gee

Perceptual Nature Artists 

Celebrating Earth ...

July 20th -  Aug 12th 


MLY Gallery is pleased to present ECO ART - A juried exhibition of accepted entries for Eco- Conscious Art for Living- A Juried Call of diversified Artworks to promote and support the vital role that art and creation play in raising awareness, supporting ideas and encouraging solutions to our planets sustainable ways of living.
Eco Artists include:  Sharon Brooks, Daniel Chavira, Eeench, Bijian Fan, Jennifer Glassman, Anne Hunt, Maureen Haldeman, Heather Lowe, Eleni Maureas, Shaun Murphy, Keri Rosebraugh, Shawn K. Riley, Eugenie Spirito, Sarah Stone, Seda Saar, Bonita Tabakin, Monica Wyatt.
ECO ART Opening Reception   VIDEO

Goals are to promote and support the vital role that art and creation play in raising awareness, supporting concrete solutions and encouraging a culture of eco-conscious living. The exhibit is open to an artists’ creative vision. Artwork made from recycled materials, or portraying an aspect of the environment, an idea for the earth's conservation and adaptability by human nature is eligible. Artwork can be 2d or 3d, max size 36 x 36 x 36 inches, & can be in any media including video. The use of design, recycled materials, and minimum waste is highly encouraged.    A portion of proceeds to benefit Wiser Earth. (a 501c 3 non profit organization)
Celebrating Earth ...
OLD  CYPRESS 16 x 12 Oil on Panel © SEDA2013
MLY Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of paintings by Malibu Artist  Seda Saar  in celebration of land & sea, with over fifty paintings painted directly from life,  of the Malibu and the California Coast all the way to Big Sur.
A portion of proceeds to benefit Wiser Earth. (a 501c 3 non profit organization)

 Oceans: Dedicated to the Seas...
A solo exhibition of works by Malibu artist & curator Seda Saar
View the Exhibit VIDEO  HERE

Misty Shores  42 x 32 Oil on Canvas
© Seda Saar 2012
MLY Gallery is happy to support Sea Shepherd California and a portion of proceeds will benefit Sea Shepherd, an organization making all the difference in the quest to protect marine mammals and the seas locally and around the globe.
The entire exhibition is dedicated to the Seas... The subject matter of many of Seda Saar's canvases deal with the local environment, capturing from life the essence of its beautiful landscape. Many moods of the ocean and especially nocturnal full moon paintings are depicted in expressive colors, familiar scenes to many of us, yet viewed in a different and new way. 

 " I have always loved the ocean. As a young child, we spent the summers at a resort by the Caspian Sea. Experiencing the change while traveling in a car from the crowded city of Teheran, to the beauty of the green coast and seeing the change, the sight and sound and smell of the ocean, struck me as the most magical experience in the world.
...Whether visiting an island in Hawaii, or living on the coasts of England and France, as well as travelling to exotic locations, like Fiji and the Galapagos, instilled in me, a great deal of concern, for preserving the beauty of the land.
Living on the shore in Malibu and observing the sea, as the waves rolled in gently and withdrew, I had a sense of touching eternity ... ever changing, yet ever the same.
Seeing development engulf the beaches, in places, wherever I was exposed to them, brought the issues of preservation to my attention. Our ecosystems are all self-sustaining environments, forever evolving.
The biosphere (air land and water where life exists), has three main ecosystems: freshwater, terrestrial and ocean. These ecosystems have been stable for long periods of time, defying our imagination, however, since the stone age, humans have shaped the world, on which we depend. Since the development of the engine in the 1700s, we have learned to harness fossil fuels, first coal, later oil and gas to multiply our will by thousands and millions of times.
No part of the world, from the remotest arctic tundra to the ocean floor, now escapes human impact. Thousands of chemicals that never existed in nature are ubiquitous. PCB's can be found in bodies of polar bears, whales and dolphins at concentrations that endanger their future. Plastics are present in virtually every part of the environment from the soil to our seabeds.
Our beloved ancient California Condor, one of the world's rarest bird species, is almost extinct, from the digestion of poisons.
This is a first of a series of exhibits for change - (Oceans, Forests and Rivers)
In this exhibit, "OCEANS, A Coastal Journey", I would like to first share the beauty & appreciation for the environment and hopefully with the support of the community living and visiting the beautiful coast of Malibu, I can bring awareness of our 'Human Activity'.
May you always walk in beauty...  
Buy "The Wake I Left" on  AmazonMP3

Gesture + Structure
Philip Vaughan

The Collage Artists of America: 
Swept Away

Featured Artists: Marthe Aponte, Susanne Blecher, Ulrica Bell, Sharon Brooks, Alan Mac Christopher, Marian Devney, Joan Foster, Susan Geller, Sylvia Hamilton Goulden, Vicky Hoffman, Barbara Jones, Hariett Lahana, Mathilde Lombard, Kwei-lin Lum, Barbara Margolies, Helen, Merken, Nancy Crandall Phillips, Shawn, K. Riley, Sandy, Rooney, Toby Salkin, John Selleck, Erella Teitler, Mara Thompson, Anita Van Tellengen, Melinda Warren, Carolann Watterson, Le Monte Westmoreland, Kelly Brumfield-Woods, Barbara Zanger, Jeanne Zinniker

Harry Gesner : 
Houses of the Sundown Sea

April 28- June 2nd,  2012

The Architectural Vision of Harry Gesner  MLY Gallery Exhibit and Book Signing April 2012
Please view the Documentary Film HERE
Houses of the Sundown Sea:The Architectural Vision of Harry Gesner By Lisa Germany, New Photography by Juergen Nogai –  "My basic philosophy and approach to architecture is from somewhere primeval. It comes from the heart as well as the head." Harry Gesner


For more than sixty years,observers and architectural 
aficionados alike have strained to catch glimpses of 
maverick architect Harry Gesner's spectacular 
homes in Southern California. Cantilevering over 
a sixty-foot drop-off in the hills above Calabasas; 
and another, tucked away on the grounds of the 
Getty Museum Center in Los Angeles. A self-taught 
architect and green design pioneer, Gesner (b. 1925) 
is still inventing, still creating, still designing. 
Houses of the Sundown Sea: 
The Architectural Vision of Harry Gesner 
(Abrams; April 2012; U.S. $75.00/Can. 
$86.00; ISBN 978-1-4197-0049-1) 
by Lisa Germany is the first book to examine
 Gesner's architecture, tracing his long life 
and his career from 1945 to the present- 
opening the doors to fifteen intriguing homes,
 all located in or near Los Angeles and mostly built during the 1950s through the 1970s. 
An insightful and revealing text accompanies new photography by Juergen Nogai along with 
historical photographs and Gesner's own drawings, floor plans, and blueprints drawn from his remarkably rich archive. Gesner's utterly unique, often eccentric and unorthodox designs are outside the canons of doctrinaire modernism, 
yet he is undoubtedly a Modernist, and one whose romantic, quixotic nature has caused his truly extraordinary body of work to be 
overlooked by many—until now. 

Malibu, Calif.- On Saturday, April 28th, Chocolatebox Café & MLY Art Gallery hosted a reception and book signing for :

"Houses of Sundown Sea: The Architectural Vision of Harry Gesner"

 by Lisa Germany and new photography by 
Juergen Nogai, based on the captivating life 
journey of one of California's most legendary architects, Harry Gesner. Harry Gesner draws inspiration from nature and the energy of 
having lived by the ocean in Malibu all his life. 
Gesner, an avid surfer, whose Malibu 
Wave House has given inspiration to such architectural icons  as the Sydney Opera House, describes his experience in 1956, sketching the ideas right onto his balsa-board with a grease pencil, sitting out in the ocean facing the beach 
where he camped for a few nights to get 
to know the elements. 

The book signing event took place from 4:30 to 6:30 pm at the Malibu Lumber Yard Gallery. MLY invites the Malibu community and beyond to join in celebration of the life of Harry Gesner and his great contribution to modern architecture. 

The exhibition of the same name will continue
 at the MLY Gallery will through June 2nd.


Mary Wright at Medicine Wheel at Wright Land, Malibu ©SB2012
Mary at the meditation Circle at Wright Land, Malibu 
Mary Wright:  ELEMENTS
Over 250 Mixed media & Watercolor works.
Exhibition conceived & curated by : Seda Saar

Mary Wright opens the inner portals to nature in her solo exhibit ELEMENTS- 
at the new Malibu Lumber Yard Gallery. Committed to what she calls ‘environmental sanity’ all her life, she achieves Zen-like clarity in her mixed media watercolors, taking us on an unmistakable journey, through Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, reconstructing the circle of life. Wright uses
found-objects, elements from the land, natural and man-made that mimic nature. Sometimes these are remains of objects processed and conceived by natural forces such as fire and water, other times they are simple skeletons of natural life-forms, elements from the sea and sand, sky and air; common elements 
surrounding our daily lives. 
In ‘AIR’ Wrights silk paintings are complex 
portals to cosmic grace, allowing the 
unsettled eye to discover a myriad of faint textures and nuances that draw the viewer
 into a meditative, blissful trance. Some hang from the ceiling, floating in space like the 
element of air that encapsulates them,
 allowing the movement to float into a
 tunnel, as if this possibly were the portal to another world. Woven into the serene 
landscape of Water are the silent brushstrokes
 of the inhabitants of earth- at once primal and futuristic, promoting us to contemplate the time continuum and our place in the web of life – Water element composing most of us and the planet…Interchangeable by abstraction. 

Click below to watch the video

Written & Produced by: Seda Saar


Featuring Warhol's most prolific works including Marilyn Monroe, Liz Taylor, Campbell's Soup Cans, Muhammad Ali, Jane Fonda, John Wayne, Flowers, Mao, and many many more.

Vision 2013  
 Our Becoming ...
The Collective Dream , Mixed Media on Paper  © Seda Saar 2014
Malibu Lumber Yard Gallery  is pleased to announce  Vision 2013: Our Becoming ...  
A collaborative exhibit of diverse artworks including: painting, photography, film, video art, poetry & prose, performance art, architecture & design; by visionary  Malibu & Los Angeles area artists : Jon Rasmussen Shaman and Visionary, Eric Lloyd Wright Architect, Mary Wright Artist,  Leigh J. McCloskey artist, actor and philosopher, Barbara Kolo artist,  Eric Minh Swenson artist, filmmaker & photographer, Fu-Ding Cheng, visionary  artist & film maker, spiritual coach,  Maureen Haldeman, photographer,  Kio Griffith video artist,  Sue May, filmmaker and photographer, Mear One mural & graffiti artist, Seda Saar artist & curator.
Exhibition Dates: February 2nd - March 16th, 2013
Art Talk Event : March 15th,  6-9pm
Vision 2013 -  Our Becoming... 
Exhibition curated by Seda Saar
Leigh McCloskey  Interview, at Vision 2013 Reception.
Exhibition Opening Video & Interview with Fu Ding Cheng View HERE
"Be the change that you want to see in the world."  Gandhi